Interview & Recruitment Coaching

Learn to Hire and Retain High-Performing Staff More Effectively

" and retain the high-performing staff that you need."

Recruitment in all its stages - from job advertising to interviews and offers of employment - can be a major drain on an organisation's time and resources. The last thing you want is do do it ineffectively, yet many organisations do just that because they are simply too busy doing their core business. You can outsource the process (that is what recruitment companies are for) but if you are going to handle it yourself, you need to do it properly to get the results you seek. Most managers, however, are not recruitment experts and are far from comfortable in their hiring decisions.

With our deep knowledge and experience of the recruitment process, we can coach and train your managers to get it right: to attract suitable candidates better, to properly and fairly evaluate job applicants, to interview efficiently and to secure and retain the high-performing staff you need.

We can cover a range of coaching and training topics including:

  • Recruitment process planning
  • How to write effective job advertisements
  • How to collect, assess and prioritise job candidates
  • How to structure short-listing of the best candidates for interview
  • Interview skills development to structure and improve hiring decisions
  • How to retain high performers once you have hired them

We can deliver coaching and training on a one-to-one basis or in workshop/seminar form to a group if you require.

More information

Please email us or give us a call on 1300 97 87 66 to discuss your needs. We will be pleased to structure a suitable service and provide a cost-effective quotation for you.