Career Transition Outplacement Services

"...use your career transition budget to deliver maximum value..."

Change is inevitable and comes in many forms. It could be that your organisation is undergoing a merger, a takeover or a strategic realignment of your product/service proposition. Any of these changes can lead to a rethinking of your  staffing levels or profiles. Whatever the reason for change in your business, letting go of staff is never easy and can have a damaging impact on your departing employees, your remaining employees and your public corporate image.

Most organisations are familiar with the concept of outplacement services for senior executives. However, this level of service is rarely extended to mid level and junior staff as it can be prohibitively expensive. This is where Resume Right steps in with a cost-effective employee transition service at a fraction of the price.

Our experienced professional resume writers, interview coaches and career consultants draw on their extensive knowledge of the job market to offer practical and real-world advice and guidance in areas such as:

  • Resume and cover letter preparation
  • Career Planning and coaching
  • Interview skills training
  • Job market assistance and guidance

We structure our services and fees around the services that you elect to take rather than as a percentage of an employee’s salary package. So for example, after consultation with us you may decide to offer a package such as this to a middle manager:

  • Mid Career Gold Resume and Cover Letter Service
  • Two hours career planning
  • One hour job market guidance
  • Two hours interview skills training

The choice, depth and extent of service is up to you, so you can use your career transition budget to deliver maximum value for your employees.

We also have a particularly cost-effective Group Coaching & Training service if you need a simple solution for a number of staff.

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Our business services are discussed on a confidential, case-by-case basis. Call us today on 1300 97 87 66 or email us and we will be pleased to structure a tailored solution for you.