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Professional Resume Services – Cover Letters

"...hugely enhance an application."

A great cover letter can hugely enhance an application. Conversely, a poorly presented and prepared letter will probably mean your resume never even gets read.

As an add-on to our Resume Service, we can craft a cover letter for you that will get your resume into the 'for further action' pile.

Writing a concise, clear and persuasive letter is not easy. For optimum results, a cover letter should be specific to every submission of your resume. Consequently, the more information we have to work on, the better. We will prompt you for the information we need from you, and use that information to showcase you to the best possible benefit and most importantly, to highlight the relevance of your application.

How it works:

Select our Cover Letter service when submitting your resume
Our consultant will contact you to prompt you for the extra information we need.
 We will craft a tailored, one-off cover letter for you.
Your cover letter is returned to you with your resume.


*Please note that our Cover Letter service is normally only available as an add-on to our Resume Writing Service. The reason for this is simple; we need to know a great deal about your background and achievements to be able to write an outstanding letter and we can only get that if we have already gone through the resume writing process with you.

More Information

Just add our cover letter option to your selection on our resume writing pages. If you want us to look at writing a cover letter as a stand-alone service for you, please call on 1300 97 87 66 or email us so we can discuss your particular case.