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Resume writing services tailored to your requirements

Our service is first tailored to the stage of your career. As you progress, your experience, achievements and leadership skills develop and become more complex. Put simply, the resume of a recent graduate bears little resemblance to the resume of an executive being considered for a CEO position. So we offer a range of resume writing categories to suit your career stage, from Early Career to Senior Executive level.

1. Select which career category you fall in:

  • Early Career - less than five years' work history

  • Mid Career - more than five years' work history

  • Senior Executive - for Director, General Manager, C-level and Board appointment applications

2. Then choose a service level. We have three service levels for resume writing: Bronze, Silver and Gold. All of our services include personal, one-on-one consultation with our consultants, who will discuss your particular aims and career plans and prompt and guide you to identify specific, relevant experience and achievements to strengthen your job applications.

Our simplest Bronze service includes a single consultation session of about an hour: our Silver service has two sessions and our Gold service three sessions. Our consultations are conducted via scheduled telephone meetings. The higher service levels also enable multiple drafts of your documents as we work towards completion, so take a little longer. Bronze takes 2-3 days, Silver 4-5 days and Gold about a week.

Using this new information, we craft a new document for you, bringing out key points and highlighting your most persuasive, relevant and impressive achievements, paying particular attention to matching your new resume to the needs of your target job(s) and to your overall career goals.

If you select our cover letter service with your package, we add an extra consultation specifically for the cover letter.

Please bear in mind that few resume companies even match our Bronze service level in terms of the time put in to working with you - or in terms of our job market expertise and guidance.

More information or help

If you would like advice on choosing the resume service that is right for you,  please email us or call 1300 97 87 66. We will be pleased to help.