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Professional resume writing services tailored to your needs

" sure that your job application is as strong as it can be."

  • Sending out job applications but getting nowhere?

  • Missing out on interviews for jobs you know you could do?

  • Frustrated by watching other people get all the great jobs?

  • Feel like you are under-selling yourself in the job market?

  • Maybe you just recognise that your resume is a mess or hopelessly out of date?

Or perhaps a really special job opportunity has come up and you want to be sure that your application is as strong as it can be.

We can help with professional resume writing services tailored to suit you, at the level you are at in your career, for the job applications that you are doing right now. Whether you are a new graduate just starting out or a seasoned CEO with years of experience under your belt, you need a carefully crafted resume to highlight what makes YOU the right person for the jobs that you are targeting.

Invest in your future today and gain from the expertise and service of our resume writers. All have experience as executive recruiters and/or hiring managers so know how the job market really works. The depth and quality of our consultation, advice and resume writing will produce an outstanding resume that will make a huge difference to your job application success. All of our resume writing services include at least an hour of consultation - and you can choose up to three hours if you wish.

We offer service Australia-wide (and internationally) with offices in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney and our consultants are experts in job applications for a wide range of industry sectors and professions.

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We have a guide to help you choose which resume service is right for you on our Compare Resume Services page. If you prefer, call on 1300 97 87 66 or email us and we will be pleased to discuss your particular case.

Note: Your new resume is 100% yours – we do not ‘brand’ it or retain ownership of it in any way. We treat your information in the strictest confidence and nothing will be released to third parties. See our Privacy Policy for details.