Gift Vouchers

Resume Writing, Selection Criteria, LinkedIn & Coaching Gifts

"...a career boosting gift of resume or coaching services."

Give your important loved ones a career-boosting gift of resume writing and/or coaching services.

The job market is hugely competitive these days - and our help and expertise can make a huge difference.

We have a wide range of services specifically designed for job seekers that will make a huge difference to job application success, from resumes to job market guidance and interview skills training. Having responded to many requests for our services as gifts for others we have now structured our Gift Voucher service to simplify the process.

We can structure any combination of services, from resume writing to packages including resumes, selection criteria responses, LinkedIn profiles, job market coaching and interview skills training. We can bundle and discount any combination of our services to suit your particular needs.

Please consider the following options and email us or give us a call on 1300 97 87 66 so we can tailor a solution to your needs. Once you select and pay for the service package you require, we will issue a redeemable voucher code that your gift recipient can use when they want the service delivered.

Student/Graduate Gift Packages from $299

Our Early Career  service is designed for those just starting out, giving them an edge in their applications so they stand out from the crowd - and especially for students and graduates trying to get a foothold on the professional career ladder. The service focuses on character, strengths, potential and academic credentials, but most importantly on match to the needs/requirements of the organisations doing the hiring.

Our Gift Voucher can include anything from a single resume (from $299) to a package of resume, LinkedIn profile and two hours of coaching from around $900.

Mid Career Gift Packages from $399

Our Mid Career service is for those with more than five years' work history: for those who are starting to build, or who have built, a proven career track record. Competition only gets harder as careers progress and great career advice and well written application documents can be of great benefit.

Again, our Gift Voucher can include anything from a single resume (from $399) to a package of resume, LinkedIn profile and two hours of coaching from around $1300.

Job Market Coaching Packages from $500

It would be nice if the job market was straightforward, transparent and fair, but it is not. As we are all experienced executive recruiters, we know how the job market really works, so can give very valuable practical advice on how to 'work the system' to get the best success rates. We offer our job market coaching service through personal face-to-face coaching in our city offices (or telephone/video conference elsewhere), personalising the content to suit the individual.

Interview Skills Training Packages from $500

Very few people perform as well as they would wish in business interviews, simply through lack of confidence, experience and knowledge. Interviews can be a daunting prospect - and assessment centre group sessions even more terrifying! Our knowledge of the recruitment and interview process is considerable: we have seen job candidates make the same mistakes over and over again. Our interview skills training teaches approach, technique and delivery that will make a huge difference.

More information

Please email us or call on 1300 97 87 66 to discuss your particular requirements. We will be pleased to help.