Career Change Coaching

"...achieve the success you deserve."

Career change can be something you have always dreamed of or can be forced upon you by circumstances beyond your control. Either way, it is not easy to do. There are specific steps that you need to go through; planning and research that needs to be done. Our career change guidance will enable you to structure the process, to actually make it happen and to achieve the success you deserve.

We usually build a personal coaching/training programme of a number of sessions over a specific time-frame to maximise the benefit for our clients. The key point is that we tailor our services to your needs, so will take care to fully explore what your specific requirements are.

Sessions are usually conducted at our Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth CBD offices, but other arrangements can be made to suit you.

We give practical, real-world advice and guidance based on years of experience of assessing job applicants. Our Career Counsellors have conducted the interviews and made the hiring decisions, so their experience is invaluable in giving you hard facts and tips to help you advance your career. We do not give generic, training manual, management-speak training sessions: this is very practical and specific career coaching tailored to your needs. It will make a real difference to your career success.


As a guide, our fee range for in-office face-to-face coaching services are:

Early Career: $250 per hour (less than five years work history)

Mid Career: $375 per hour (more than five years work history)

Senior Career: $500 per hour (senior management, executive and professional level)

More information

To enquire further or to book coaching services with us, just call 1300 97 87 66 or email us and we will be happy to help.