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Professional resume writing, selection criteria and LinkedIn profile services

"Our service gives you the edge you need to stand out."

Presenting well 'on paper' (or more likely 'on screen' these days) is essential to your career success. Your written documents will often be the first, and only, evidence on which others make significant decisions affecting your career. You need to make the right impression, first time, fast. We provide:

Our professional resume writing, selection criteria and LinkedIn profile career document services deliver that all-important strong and positive impression. Our Consultants all have executive recruitment experience, so have assessed thousands of job candidates' documents. We know what really works because we were the ones assessing applications, selecting for interview and making the appointments.

All of our writing services include personal consultation with our consultants. We guide and consult with you to draw out and present your accomplishments, skills and attributes in the most positive manner possible. Our service gives you the edge you need to stand out.

Career coaching, career counselling and interview training services

"Winners in the career race are those who take control, not those who just let their career happen to them."

Your career is probably very important to you, so you will want it to progress and advance to the best of your ability. Winners in the career race are those who take control, not those who just let their career happen to them.

  • Do you plan your career moves and are you making the most of your ability?

  • Do you really understand how the job market and recruitment process works?

  • Do you shine at interview and get all of your strongest points across the way you want to?

We offer personal, confidential and tailored career counselling, career coaching and training. Our coaching is available face-to-face at offices by appointment or anywhere in Australia by telephone/video conference. These services will be 100% tailored to your needs - so you will get the maximum benefit out of your sessions with us.

  • Resume Writing

    Resume Writing

    Resume Right professional resume writing service. Our expert resume writers use their executive recruitment experience to produce great resumes for all career stages, from new graduates to seasoned CEOs.

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  • Selection Criteria Responses

    Selection Criteria Responses

    Resume Right selection criteria responses. We craft clear, succinct and high-performing key selection criteria responses to address selection criteria for government, public sector and academic appointments.

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  • LinkedIn Profiles

    LinkedIn Profiles

    Resume Right's LinkedIn service will build you a high-performing LinkedIn profile to get noticed for job opportunities. Our consultants also provide advice and guidance on how to continue to build your LinkedIn presence.

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  • Interview Coaching

    Interview Coaching

    Resume Right interview coaching services: we help you perform better at interview with our interview skills training, interview advice and job interview coaching with our expert career counsellors.

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  • Job Market Coaching

    Job Market Coaching

    Resume Right job market coaching - how to work the job market to your advantage to get more interviews and get more job offers. Job market and job application advice, guidance and training from our recruitment experts.

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  • Career Planning

    Career Planning

    Resume Right career planning and guidance from our expert coaches to plan, shape and optimise your career whether you are a graduate or a CEO. Take control. Career development is up to you.

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  • Career Change Coaching

    Career Change Coaching

    Career change can be something you have always dreamed of or can be forced upon you by circumstances beyond your control. Either way, it is not easy to do. Our expert coaches show you how.

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  • Gift Vouchers

    Gift Vouchers

    Our resume writing, career coaching and interview training services also make great career-boosting gifts for your loved ones. We can create gift vouchers for any combination of our career services.

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