Six Ways To Be An Online Hit

Your online presence is as important as your resume in today’s connected marketplace. Recruiters and hiring companies probably spend as much time reviewing online information about candidates as they do reviewing their resumes. Remember, in both cases, they’re looking for reasons to exclude you as much as include you in the interview shortlist.

Six tips for a savvy online presence:

  1. Google yourself. Didn’t find anything? If you did, what does a google search say about you? Make sure you are out there, you’re happy with what’s out there and that it says things about you that will be attractive to employers. Do this every so often and tweak your online presence with more activity on relevant sites to up your visibility.

  2. Manage Your Reputation. If you have been posting online social content - whether on Facebook or elsewhere - make sure that it is appropriate to your audience. Only your friends should see the personal stuff. If there is anything out there that could come back to haunt you – get rid of it now. Delete anything that is negative or doesn’t show you as you want to be seen today. Those wild party photos will be off-putting to potential recruiters. Facebook is the usual culprit for less than professional social content. Make sure your privacy settings are tight. 

  3. Get Your Online Bios Right. Write your profiles with a potential hirer in mind – using a different style for different platforms.  On LinkedIn make sure your summary highlights your achievements, experience and education. Facebook, blogs and other sites can be more casual but remember that recruiters will still be checking up on you, so make sure your bio gives a good impression.

  4. LinkedIn Isn’t Optional. An incredible 92% of employers use LinkedIn to source candidates. So make sure your profile is complete, full of relevant achievements and accessible.

  5. Keyword. If you want to get found you will have think about the key words people might use to find you. For any online description of you, as well as your name (of course), consider your current employer, your job function, things you are well known for - or would like to be known for. Use recruiter-friendly key words to attract attention.

  6. Keep posting. To maintain an online presence, you need to be consistently active across all your social media platforms. Join in discussions on relevant LinkedIn groups, update your work status and experience, post relevant stories and new items, comment on other blogs, where relevant post about your interests and travels. This all adds up to increase your social footprint.

Before you know it you’ll be one of the first results in Google searches!

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