Selection Criteria

How to address selection criteria

Selection criteria responses are needed for virtually all job applications in government-funded organisations. That means almost anything in state or federal government departments or agencies, public service roles, the academic/education institution sector and also most charitable and not-for-profit bodies. If they set selection criteria in the application, you have to supply selection criteria responses to have a chance at the job.

Selection criteria responses are an additional requirement to the need to submit your resume, cover letter or application form. So what are they? What form should your selection criteria responses take? How long should they be? What information should you include? How can you make your selection criteria responses really stand out?

These articles answer those questions, so will help you write and submit selection criteria responses that will strengthen your application to these roles - and get you those interviews.

Of course, we can help with your selection criteria responses if you prefer. Call us on 1300 97 87 66 or email us and we will be pleased to go through the options with you.