Looking for a good cheap resume writing service?

OK – you want a good resume written and you want it cheap. But good and cheap rarely come together and they don’t in the case of cheap resume writing services.

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Taking the cheap side to this first, that’s no problem. You can find plenty of online services offering cheap resumes at $75 to $150, or even lower. If you are just choosing on price, that’s pretty attractive. 

But think about it for a minute. What are you getting for that? And who are you trusting with your career?


If you are choosing on price alone, chances are that for your $150 you are getting 2-3 hours attention from someone on around minimum wage – or the work is outsourced overseas to somewhere with low wages. Either way, I doubt that they have the necessary credentials to create such an important document. Nobody with serious job market knowledge or career guidance skills will be working that cheaply.

If all you want is a nicely typed document, without the content advice and guidance that good resume writers provide, go for a typing service. They will charge less than a cheap resume writing service and probably do a better job.


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If you want a ‘good’ resume, as is often the case, you get what you pay for. In your shoes I would want someone who understands the job market and is skilled enough to present my career trajectory, achievements, skills, attributes and experience in such a compelling way that I get the interview. That demands a resume writer with skill and experience and it takes time – not 2-3 hours!

If you still feel that price is the way to choose I suggest you avoid cheap resume writing services and save your $150. You will get a much better result by learning how to do it yourself with a little help from our expert Advice & Tips section on resume writing.

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