The Great Australian Summer Jobs Drought

Ah, Summer  – a time of lazy days, beaches, barbecues and no job advertisements!

Every year as the big Australian holiday summer shutdown approaches, companies stop hiring and job ads run dry.

If you want - or need - to make a change then every day counts. It’s time to ramp up your job search effort NOW as most recruitment halts in mid December and doesn’t restart until after Australia Day. You don’t want to go into another holiday period feeling like you missed the boat do you?

So what can you do to speed up your job search?

First of all, treat your job search as a job. If you are working you may need to take a couple of days leave to get started, research and make calls. Your job search needs to be your absolute priority for the next 3 months and this means you have to put aside some dedicated time to it.

Spend time sharpening up your Resume & LinkedIn Profile. Look at some typical target job ads and check your current resume and LinkedIn profile. Is there a match?  90% of recruiters use LinkedIn for recruiting so make sure your profile is professional and a match for target jobs.

Your resume also should reflect the skills, attributes and achievements asked for in the roles you plan to target. Aim for a custom-written Profile at the top of your resume to match each job you apply to.

Use Social Media for networking and job searching.  Look up your contacts on Facebook and LinkedIn and shortlist those who you know have good connections in your preferred field.  Reach out to them and start building a relationship if you haven’t already done so. Asking straight out for help in getting a job without investing some time in the relationship will not work so well.

Clean up your personal Social Media.  Check that your privacy settings are tight. The majority of recruiters now vet applicants via their social media sites. If there are images or stories that are likely to offend potential recruiters – remove them and be careful what you post in future. Whilst Facebook may be intended as a personal site, it is fair game as far as recruiters are concerned.

Don’t Forget ‘Real’ Networking. 60% of jobs are filled without ever being advertised: they hire someone they knew through personal contact. Make (or rekindle) those connections and make sure people know about you.

Whilst it’s a numbers game you must take care to target. The worst thing you can do is an all points alert via Social Media that you are looking for a job – this looks both desperate and unprofessional and lowers your stock.  You are going to get busy, so work to a plan and be sure to track whom you’re talking and applying to, and then you’ll know who is calling when (hopefully) they call you back.

So, whether you are keen for a career change, are fearful of a redundancy or are currently without work, NOW is the time to direct your job search energy at the market. Make a plan, set your goals and get started.

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