• Tim, Deputy GM - Saudi Arabia

    I got the job in Saudi Arabia! I actually went for the Area Manager role but after interview they offered me the more senior role of Deputy GM of their Transport division. Thank you for everything. You presented my resume and LinkedIn profile very professionally. If ever you need a reference, let me know.

  • Katie, Business Development Manager - Brisbane

    Thank you for helping with my LinkedIn profile. The effort has been worthwhile. Recruitment firms are finding me, the positions they recommend are more relevant and I am quickly building connections!

  • Ann, General Manager - Melbourne

    Thank you for your prompt and professional assistance with my resume and the selection criteria. I am absolutely delighted with the final outcomes.  I am particularly pleased with how you were able to draw out the very best examples from my work experience and lift the quality and competitiveness of my application to a new high.  Finally, you took away so much stress from the process.  My only regret is that I did not engage you/Resume Right sooner.

  • Rachel, Lecturer - Melbourne

    I wanted to express my gratitude to you for your help in transforming my selection criteria application so dramatically! I was so grateful for your patience, professionalism and positive energy. I also learnt a great deal about the ‘STAR’ process! I will be recommending Resume Right to all my friends and contacts and will definitely be seeking further help from you.

  • Steve, Systems Engineer - Perth

    Thank you very much for everything - greatly appreciated! It has been really great working with you. I submitted my application and they have already contacted me to schedule an interview.

  • Sam, Mining, Oil & Gas Consulting Engineer - Perth

    The recruiter just called me to tell me I have made final interview. They also said "That's a great resume - money well spent!".  I told them I'd had it professionally done, but it's still great feedback to get. I thought you'd like to know!

  • Matt, Electrical Engineer - Melbourne

    Thanks very much for all your work on my documents. I got the job interview which went well and after a long wait I just found out that I was successful in getting the job. I’m over the moon!

  • Carl, Economics & Finance Graduate - Brisbane

    I would like to thank you for your assistance with my resume.  I thought I would let you know about my performance since. I applied for and got the internship as a Financial Analyst. They commented on the impressive resume and cover letter in the interview. I have also had a great strike rate with graduate program applications, progressing to the final selection stages of the graduate programs for 5 out of the 6 companies that I applied for. Of those companies, I got to final interview stage with two - the Financial Assurance graduate program with one of the big four accounting firms and the Business Banking graduate program for one of the big four banks. The bank has now offered me a position that I have accepted. Once again, I would like to like say thank you for your amazing help in preparing an outstanding resume. It has been an excellent tool that has assisted me in achieving such an amazing graduate program.
  • Cindy, Property & Development Graduate - Brisbane

    Just letting you know I got a job as a trainee project manager. Thanks for the great job you did on my resume.

  • Robert, IT Project Leader - Melbourne

    Fantastic!  Thanks for all the help and support over the last few days. Kudos to you and your team once again, and no doubt I will be seeking your expertise in the future.
  • Heath, Teacher - Brisbane

    Seems to be working a treat so far! From six applications I sent out last week, I have already secured 4 interviews and a possible fifth! Compared to not even that many call-backs in the few months before I contacted Resume Right I am very happy with the results.

  • Stephen, Masters Candidate - Melbourne

    Just wanted to let you know that the work you did for me paid off. I got the placement and I'm currently doing my postgrad. Thanks again for all your help.

  • Daniel, Facilities Manager - Perth

    I thought I would let you know that I have been offered a role as a Facilities Manager for two retail shopping centres in Perth. I also have a second interview for another role on Tuesday. The resume and Linkedin profile you created for me have generated a substantial amount of interest. I would like to thank you for your efforts and would recommend your services to friends and colleagues alike.

  • Roz, National Sales Manager - Brisbane

    Thanks for your critique and assistance in preparing an outstanding professional résumé and cover letter for me. I believe that the combination of an excellent résumé, a professional cover letter and my interviewing research are what won me my new job as Sales Manager for a National company based on the Gold Coast, which, by the way, I am thoroughly enjoying.   Without the résumé and cover letter they would have never called me for interview! Thank you for your excellent service…..keep up the good work!

  • Rodger, CFO - Melbourne

    Thanks for the excellent résumé which is a million miles from my poor effort and is already generating interest. I am so pleased with what you have done that next time I will come back and take the full Gold Service.

  • Amber, Media Manager - Sydney

    Thank you for all your solid career advice – I have an interview this week and armed with my new knowledge to help me focus on what is relevant, I feel confident about my chances.

  • Ian, Sales Director - Brisbane

    Résumé Right used my achievements as the focus of a much shorter but more effective résumé which got the attention of recruiters and resulted in several interviews for jobs that I had been missing out on before. Within three weeks of using this new résumé I was selected for a position in Queensland.

  • Nance, General Manager - Melbourne

    Résumé Right solved my problem!  I needed a service that provided well written case studies that brought to life my skills and the difference I have made in the workplace.  And I needed it fast to respond to a head-hunt I had received.  Résumé Right sorted through my verbal ramblings and notes, highlighted my strengths and created a rounded picture of my skills. I got the interviews with both the head-hunter and their client!

  • Jason, Managing Director - Melbourne

    After spending many hours searching for someone to re write my resume, I became very confused. Finally I came across a well presented and professional website and after calling and speaking to Resume Right my confusion had gone. Well done on taking the time to understand my history and write a resume that fits perfectly with my achievements and past employment. I have been so impressed with the service given that I have referred several friends since. Keep up the good work!

  • Belinda, Project Manager - Brisbane

    My job hunting went very well and I am sure that the resume you prepared for me had a lot to do with it. The resume certainly attracted attention - exactly what we were looking for! I ended up with three job offers and was able to chose the one I wanted the most.

    Thank you for your professional, friendly and efficient service!  I know that I could not have done this on my own and throughout the job application and interview process the resume you prepared for me coupled with your advice and coaching gave me the confidence to sell myself and secure the role I wanted.  I will definitely be recommending your services to family and friends.

  • Robert, Operations Manager - Sydney

    I found Resume Right to be a professional, businesslike service. They know their stuff and gave me valuable job application advice as well as producing an outstanding resume for me. After 20 years with one firm I needed all the help I could get!

  • Mark, IT Manager - Sydney

    I needed a resume service that really understood IT and couldn't find one until a friend recommended Resume Right.  The consultant had been an IT recruiter so it was great to be able to talk  to someone who understood the sector. They built me a great resume for my IT Director application - a lot shorter than I expected but it did the trick!. I enjoyed working with them and will recommend them to others.

  • Warren, Managing Director - Sydney

    I talked to three other resume writing firms before settling on Resume Right - they were the only one with consultants senior enough for me to feel comfortable. Using their top-end service paid off - I got the CEO interviews I targeted.

  • Simon, Lawyer - Melbourne

    Thank you for your business-like and friendly service in helping me with my application to a large commercial law firm. You were able to highlight all the right achievements to match the job description which has got me to the short-list.

  • Stephanie, Business Analyst - Sydney

    A business colleague put me onto Resume Right. I was amazed by how much time they spent with me and the level of detail they went to in re-constructing my resume. The service was really great value. I got a brilliant resume quickly and I'll be recommending them as well.

  • Anthony, Construction Manager - Brisbane

    Outstanding!!! Resume Right is the professional service you need if you are serious about your future. Keith is a consummate professional. Resume Right's ability to disseminate the essence of your past and logically deliver a succinct faultless resume is impressive. Thank you to Keith and your team of professionals in delivering the best resume I've ever had.

  • Callum, Project Director - Brisbane

    Resume Right's strong written communication competence is based on industry knowledge and experience. They put their skill and minds to an endeavour and bring it to completion with style and fortitude. The cost is quickly forgotten, the quality is always remembered. I recommend Keith and his team highly for both résumé writing and executive level interview coaching.

  • Darryl, General Manager - Brisbane

    Resume Right hit the spot. I had been involved with the one organisation for 23 years. After deciding it was time to change employers the next step was to find a company with the expertise to construct a professional CV. Resume Right did this and more, after submitting my professional, well mapped out CV to several potential employers, I received calls from each them to advise that they would like to interview me. I now have a new employer! 

  • Paul, Production Manager - Brisbane

    Just a short note to let you know how impressed l am with the work you have done on my resume. It exceeded expectations. It was well worth the $399 investment.

  • Bara, Banking Advisor - Sydney

    Choosing a professional resume writer - and Resume Right especially - is the best decision I have made towards my career. Resume Right were extremely thorough in their consultation and made it easy for me to convey my work experience and achievements. They were very polite, professional and pleasant to talk to and I would happily use their service again in the future.

  • Monica, Actress - Sydney

    Thank you so much for all your help ! I just found out today that I have been accepted and they were very pleased with my submission. I will be moving to L.A. in January. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and I'm definitely saving your number for future projects.

  • Judy, Training Officer - Sydney

    Thank you for your help and advice! It has been a pleasure working with you. This is my second time with Resume Right: very impressive and I am satisfied with your professionalism and efficiency. It helps me lots in job seeking.

  • Joe, Economics Graduate - Melbourne

    I am just emailing to say thank you for your help. Your advice on how I should approach the job market was both enlightening and surprising.  I managed to land a great job and I have no doubt I only got into the interview room with your help.

  • Ellen, Psychology Graduate - Sydney

    As a recent graduate looking for employment in the public sector Resume Right was instrumental in helping me navigate and prepare the whole process in producing a fantastic CV and Cover Letter targeting my relevant strengths, skills and experience. The end result was having a few job offers to choose from, with all employers commenting on my CV and Cover Letter as being exceptionally presented. I highly recommend Resume Right's work, especially to recent graduates.

  • Jodi, Policy Studies Student - Sydney

    Thank you very much for all your work and very helpful advice for my selection criteria. I have had a great experience and can not believe how efficient and easy you made it.

  • Michelle, Business Development Manager - Sydney

    Thank you for your assistance with my resume. I am very happy with it and I will definitely be using your services to further my career. If Resume Right ever need any client testimonials or references, I will be happy to give positive feedback.

  • Ken, Chief Operating Officer - Brisbane

    I have asked for Resume Right's help with three headhunt approaches this year. Each time, their knowledge of how C-level candidates are really assessed and evaluated has been both surprising and invaluable. I now have my first CEO role to look forward to, having just secured the position after a very exhaustive process. Thank you for your tenacity and I will recommend you!

  • Jim, Project Manager - Melbourne

    My experience with Resume Right was a delight from beginning to end. The consultant assigned to me was extremely professional, knowledgeable and responsive to my needs and delivered a final resume that has masterfully captured the essence of my professional career to date. Frankly I would be surprised if it didn't generate interest from prospective employers and I would recommend Resume Right to anyone seeking an edge in today's competitive job marketplace.

  • Lyndsay, IT Analyst - Sydney

    Wow! I am impressed at the calibre of your professional consultants. I appreciate the feedback and help you have given me and my new documents are really impressive!

  • Stephanie, MBA Applicant - Melbourne

    Resume Right were fantastic to deal with and I got the result I wanted. Very thorough and keen attention to detail ensuring that they understood exactly what I was applying for. Resume Right completed research on the institution and knew exactly what to draw attention to in my application. There was no hesitation in making any changes. The consultations ensured equal understanding of the requirements.

  • Giyani, Accountant - Melbourne

    I spent a long time searching for and choosing a resume firm. I am pleased I chose you. The depth and detail of your service surprised me. Thank you for the great selection criteria responses and for the excellent service.

  • John, Site Manager - Perth

    I couldn't be happier with your service! Many thanks again. You have delivered a resume that is vastly better than my original version and suddenly I am getting calls from recruiters in the job marketplace.

  • Lee, Contract Officer - Melbourne

    Thank you for all your assistance and support throughout my journey to secure a permanent role in the government sector. I received good news today - I have been offered the role you helped me apply to. I am very pleased with the outcome and I would not have had the interview opportunity without your great work on my CV, cover letter and Key Selection Criteria responses. Thank you for making it happen. You guys are the best!!

  • Steven, Project Engineer - Melbourne

    Thank you! I got an interview for the Project Manager job straight after having applied with the resume. That hasn't happened before!

  • Hardeep, Doctor - Melbourne

    You helped me several years ago when I was starting out. I was pleased with the service then and it helped me secure my first placement. Now you have done it again - the hospital have just informed me that my application was successful. Thank you again!

  • Stephen, PHD Candidate - Melbourne

    Just wanted to let you know that the work you did for me on my Statement paid off and I have been accepted for my postgrad placement. Thanks again for all your help.

  • Suzanne, Account Manager - Sydney

    Within a couple of days of you finishing my LinkedIn Profile I was getting calls from recruiters. This stuff really works!

  • Mark, Product Manager - Brisbane

    Thank you for the help with my resume and cover letter, but even more so for the invaluable interview training session. I would not have got the interview without you and your interview guidance and tips made all the difference to my confidence. They offered me the job on Friday!

  • Michelle, Project Director - Brisbane

    Thank you so much for your professionalism and insight. I have found this process useful not only for completing the selection criteria, but also for clarifying my own thinking around my professional skills and experience. I won't hesitate to recommend your company services to others.

  • Ingrid, General Manager - Brisbane

    I take this opportunity to thank you so much for the wonderful work and all the time and effort you have put into my resume and letter.  You have no idea how much your support has meant to me and increased my confidence!  Much appreciated.